DrPovas.com purchase conditions, the contract award and obligations of the parties


1. Basic Provisions


1.1. The buying and selling rules (hereinafter - Rules) determine the person purchasing the goods from www.drpovas.com online store (hereinafter - the Buyer) and MB "Dr. Povas "(hereinafter - the Seller) mutual rights, obligations and responsibilities of the buyer purchasing goods from the online store. When buying goods online store, the buyer agrees to these rules.


2. The purchase and sale agreement


2.1. Purchase and sale agreement between Buyer and Seller shall be considered concluded from the moment when the Buyer forms a shopping cart on e-shop, specifies delivery address and other compulsory data (that are marked with the sign - *) and after choosing the method of payment and notes that has agreed with these Rules, clicks button "Authorise payment”, and is valid until all the  obligations under the contract is full filed. In cases where the buyer does not accept all or a certain part of the Rules, he must not order.


3. Seller's rights


3.1. If the buyer is trying to damage the electronic operation of the store or the stable operation or is in breach of his obligations, the seller may, without prior notice to restrict, suspend (stop) his access to an electronic shop and is not responsible for any related damages of the buyer.

3.2. The seller has the right to stop (temporarily or permanently) online shop operation without a prior notice and is not responsible for any related damages of the buyer. This item isn’t applied for commitments, that have been committed before the stopping online shop operation.

3.3. The seller has the right to change these rules by announcing them on the e-shop website. The changes take effect from the moment of publication and are applied for all the transactions that are being made after the publication.

3.4. The seller also has other rights that follows from the Republic of Lithuania law.


4. Seller's obligation


4.1. The seller is obligated to make efforts, to ensure properly use of e-shop services. The seller does not give any guarantee that the electronics store will be uninterrupted, or that the data transfer will be error-free. Seller is not responsible for any of the buyer's losses, that are caused by the e-shop malfunction and (or) data transmission errors.

4.2. If the seller, under the serious circumstances, is unable to provide the products, that have been ordered, o the buyer, then the seller is  obligated to offer a similar product and if the buyer, refused to accept the analog goods, the seller is obligated to return the money, that have been paid by the buyer within 10 days. In this case, the Seller isn’t responsible for not supplying the goods.

4.3. The seller agrees to comply with other requirements following from these rules.


5. Buyer's rights


5.1. The buyer has the right to buy goods in the online store in accordance with these Rules and Lithuanian Republic law.

5.2. The buyer (consumer) has the right to withdrow the contract made between the buyer and the seller after giving a written notice to the Seller within 14 days from the date of delivery of the goods. The buyer has the right to refuse the purchase if he hadn’t damaged the goods and it is still in a good quality and  the appearance of goods hadn’t changed. About  the buyer’s right to withdraw the contract is specified in those Rules Attachment No. 1: Returns and Warranty.

5.3. The buyer also has other rights that follows from the Republic of Lithuania law.


6. Buyer’s obligation


6.1. The buyer must pay the delivery fee of the ordered goods and their price, as well as other payments (if any state-contractual) and collect the goods ordered. The buyer pays for the goods on drpovas.com during the purchase time in the selected way.

6.2. If the data of the buyer changes, the Buyer must immediately update the registration form.

6.3. The buyer must follow the rules of the Republic of Lithuania and other legal requirements.


7. General Liability


7.1. Buyer is responsible for the submitted information in the registration form. The buyer assumes responsibility for the consequences arising due to the false date in the registration form.

7.2. In case customer breach the purchase and sale agreement, concluded through the online shop, he will be responsible according to the laws of the Republic of Lithuania.

7.3. The Purchaser agree with the seller, that according to the Electronic Signature Law, Art. 8 3 d. provisions the buyer's online approval with the identification code has equal legal value as the electronic signature (Electronic Signature Law, Art. 8 1) and has the same legal effect as a signature in written documents and is as evidence in court. The buyer must keep in secret his/her connection information and do not share this information with other persons. In case of suspicion that the log data was provided to another person, the Buyer has immediately notify the Seller. All actions made with the buyers identification data is assumed as made by the buyer, and the buyer assumes full responsibility for the consequences of such action.

7.4. Seller is not responsible for the information in other websites, even if the buyer reach these pages over the Seller's online store.

7.5. Seller is not responsible for the differences of the electronic goods in reality (e.g. color, shape or other parameters do not meet the actual size), affected by the used buyer's to monitor properties.

7.6. In the event of damage, the guilty party shall compensate all the direct losses.


8. Processing of personal data


8.1. By clicking "Buy" button, the buyer confirms that he and his representatives (Buyers are legal representatives) agree to submit their personal data to the Seller, and do not object that provided personal data will be handled by the Seller for contracting, execution (online shopping) and direct marketing reasons. The seller states that data (ID codes) will not be used for direct marketing purposes.

8.2. The newsletter will be automatically sent to the Registered members. Registration can be made by pressing the "I agree with the purchase and sale of the rules". 

8.3. By clicking "Buy" button, the buyer confirms that he/she is informed about the Seller right to access the personal data and the way it is processed, and possibility to demand rectification or destruction of his personal data.

8.4. By clicking the button "Pay", the buyer confirms that he and his representatives know they have the right to refuse to provide their personal data, but is aware that personal data are required and necessary in order to uniquely identify the buyer. In case the buyer disagree to provide the personal data and (or) disagree that they would be processed for the purposes mentioned above, the contract can not be signed and implemented.


9. Sending the information


9.1. Any informational messages and messages for direct marketing purposes are being send to the the Buyer's e-mail listed the registration form.

9.2. All topics and issues the Buyer sends to Seller via contacts listed in the lower part on the online shop (telephone numbers + 370 679 78810; +370 699 46302: and e-mail: info@drpovas.com).


10. Final Provisions


10.1. Buyer and Seller agree that all information contained in Seller's online shop website is considered provided in writing.

10.2. At first any controversy derived or related to the purchase and sale agreement between Buyer and Seller shall be settled by negotiations. Failing agreement, the dispute is settled according to the laws the Republic of Lithuania.